Self Portraits 

Seeing as my final major project is widely based on self discovery i decided to look into self portraits, I will take a self portrait everyday on my mobile phone (iPhone) or my camera depending on available access to my camera.

My initial thoughts about the idea are very mixed  as i conscious of taking photographs of myself without certain facial expression. Looking back on a lot of my “selfies” I’ve taken in the past i noticed that I’m not a fan of having a blank expression on my face when taking a photo. So as i am not comfortable with straight face selfie portraits I think as a challenge to myself i will take my daily self portrait with no expression in my face.  To support my daily photographs I’m going to keep a dairy so I can write up brief notes on how I felt or what my day was like and I hope this will give more of an insight to me as well as others.

Contact sheet:

selfies contact

My self-portraits each day made me realise a lot about myself in many different ways. One major thing would be that I don’t like my face without makeup.

I think these photographs would have been a lot better if I was able to take them on my DSLR however I wasn’t very comfortable when taking them (examples below) as well as not being at total comfort with the camera I think using the phone shows how much I rely on my phone as well as it allowing to take a self portrait wherever I may be. Looking back on them was hard especially the image where I had just cried, my nanny is very important to me and surprisingly enough she was the one who suggested I capture the moment. I think if it wasn’t for noting down how I felt on the days would have made these photos boring and I have realised that even though many of them look the same depending on the day my emotions are very different.




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