Dinner at home and uni 

One thing that is very different in the caribbean culture and the british culture is food. Since coming to university its been hard to keep on eating the foods that I would have at home, even though I say that at home in London we don’t always have caribbean food for dinner. As both of my parents grew up in London they are accustom to British foods and so they have inflicted that upon myself and my younger brother. Whilst having a conversation with one of my housemates she spoke on the fact that her mum cooks caribbean food all the time and now that she is at university she no longer has foods such as rice & peas and jerk chicken as she can’t be bother to go through the cooking process, it appeared to me that she found cooking british foods more of a convenience.

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Looking back at all the food photographs I took i noticed that there was a very subtle pattern in my meals, whilst being in London for work on the weekends on a Sunday I’d more likely eat foods that are more Caribbean however on a Saturday I’d tend to have foods that are more British. Thinking about it now Saturday is normally when my mum would cook and Sunday would be the day that we all go to my grandmothers house. during the week I found that the foods I ate would have Caribbean and British influences. reflection on it now it’s strange to think that subconsciously my style of cooking/eating combines the two cultures.





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