Daddy’s little princess 

From a young age I’ve always favoured my dad over my mum, and that’s something they’ve always told me. Me and my father have had a love hate relationship since I turned 14, I think it was a case of me thinking I was a “grown woman” and him thinking I was going to stay a little girl forever. We went through a stage of not seeing eye to eye on anything and there would be things I’d tell my mum and not him when it came to school and other aspects of life, this time in my life was tough and I hope it’ll never happen again! Leaving home for university was something hard for the both of and till this day we still speak on the phone everyday, he still thinks I’m a little girl and I still think I’m a grown woman. These photographs come from this time in my life, the concept is I’m still his princess however I’m still going to be a rebel. I decided to use my year 11 prom dress as i think it’s girly and puffy, I also purchased a cheap tiara and wand just to show the little girl side of me.

Contact sheet:

princess contact

Like the hoody photographs I struggled with capturing the photographs on my own and using the auto timer wasn’t helping, the focus was never how I wanted it to be so I’d really like to shoot this with some assistance. I would also like to try shooting this in a studio environment to see how it turns out I think with the help of  some flash heads this shoot could have gone a lot better.



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