Stereotype of a young teenager 

Growing up I wasn’t one to have many black friends and it was only until recent (university) I found myself becoming friends with a few. From young I’ve always notice that there was always a stereotype of young people, whether it be on the news or social media.

As a teenager I did go through a stage of always wearing tracksuits as many youngsters did and now when I look back at that time of my life I just think ‘what was I thinking!!!’ Reflecting on it now it wasn’t just something that boys would do it was also girls, I now look at it as females trying to be seen as dominant and not being under the stereotype of dresses and the colour pink.

I feel like this stage in my life is an important one as this is where I transitioned, I went from wanting to be hanging out at a friends doing nothing to wanting to study and make something of myself.

I decided that I want to recreate the idea of being a “hoody” in my alley way at home as I feel like that an alley fits the stereotype very well, I’ll wear a tracksuit and act as though I’m 15/16 again.

Contact sheets :

hoody contect

hoody contect2


This shoot came with many difficulties, I had to ask for the assistance of my housemates as I’m unable to use a wireless remote with my camera (Nikon D3100).

I found it hard to direct them on manual and so using auto was tricky as its a dark area the exposures were not exactly correct. I did however enjoy the shoot and the concept, that being said I would like to reshoot at my home in London on my stairs in the estate and the lighting is a lot easier to  work with when having some assist you with taking the photographs.




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