Final Major Project Proposal 

After receiving feedback from my tutor about my proposal I revisited it and made changes, as well as this I had to create a schedule outlining how I’m going use my time when it came to shoot and keeping my folder up to date:

I have chosen the title ‘Who is she?’, as want to explore who I am, I want to do this by looking into my Caribbean ancestry as well as exploring my life living in London and being a British citizen.

My starting points are to look into portraiture whether it be within photography or other art mediums.

I’ve always been intrigued the portraits being a artistic theme of expressing how one wants to be seen by others, as well as this I’m interested in the fact that portraits are not always what they seem. This has led me to the question are portraits fragments of our lives? Or fragments of our own self perception?

I want to also use a variety of digital and film within my project as they both in some ways can manipulate photographs to look different to how they were taken.


I intend to research historical aspects of Caribbean immigration to the UK to help me gain a further understanding of my grandparents travels from the West Indies. I will also look at statistics to show whether immigration from the Caribbean has increased or decreased since my grandparents come over to this country.


All these women have very different self portrait styles and so as part of my research I’d like to experiment with shooting in their styles in order for me to create my own, all their photographs tell stories and so I my story would be about me being 2nd generation British and the way I live my life compared to other Caribbean people living in this country, One key point would be the lack of coloured friends I had as a young girl and even now.


I haven’t had many ideas on how to present my final pieces but one would be a book presenting different aspects of my life including the food within the Caribbean culture, stereotypes of black females, being my fathers only daughter as well as others . Another would be to make up some boxes and have the audience looking through them to see the photographs as I feel that this gives the feeling of ones private life becoming public. These ideas also make me consider using the ways that families collect photographic memories such as photo albums and movies.



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