Final major project proposal presentation 

As part of my project it’s required to present our project intention to our fellow pupils who study the same or other disciplines. This presentations to show our written proposals but in the form of a slideshow.

Here is my presentation:

fmp presentatin 1 fmp presentatin 2 fmp presentatin 3


Feedback from tutors:

The tutors said they liked my idea however they think I need to look into the phycological side of self perception, as for presentation ideas one suggested I think outside of the box, try using different materials in order to show a difference between me coming from different cultures. I thought this was a good idea as it then shows that I’m neither British nor Caribbean I’m just me. They wasn’t too happy about the fact that i didn’t have any of my test shoot images in my presentation and the reason i didn’t is because I felt conscious of pupils out of my discipline seeing work of mine that isn’t complete and that is something I need to get over as times goes on people are going to have to see my development process as a photographer.



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