Caribbean souvenirs at home  

In order for me to start thinking about what direction I want to take my FMP in I thought i’d look into what items in my house make my home “caribbean”. From going to visit my grandparents and other family members I noticed that I’d always see a teacloth or fridge magnets from a country in the Caribbean. We have loads at home and my mum’s has always said people bring them back as gifts however wouldn’t you give them to people that are not from the Caribbean? I think it’s such a odd thing within my family because not many of my friends have souvenirs like ours, a few do but to me thats makes sense as all of them are not from or have never been to the Caribbean. Many say they are used to remember when themselves or others go away which I understand however in my home they tend to be from the Caribbean countries that we are from (Jamaica and Grenada).

I decided to take some shots of the souvenir that we have at home it hopes that I’ll be able to show an idea of my family presenting their culture in our home however it has been done in a rather modern way.

Contact sheet:

carribean contact


As this was a part of my development into my ideas I briefly showed my group some of these images and my tutor mentioned that i should try to shoot with the mentality of these photographs being my final piece, this feedback was helpful as I was taking these images for my idea process however if they were good enough they could have been used somewhere with my final piece and I would have never known.

carribean finals


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