Room Three

As I entered the third and final room there was loud music, I could put my finger on what genre this music was but I knew that it was from a period of time where there wasn’t any enhancing technology, it almost sounded like country and western. As I went to place myself on one of the four benches in the room the projector play a puppet like film with painted scenery and an array of reds, blues and other colours. I hadn’t caught it from the beginning and so that was unfortunate but from what I had seen looked somewhat disturbing.

The piece was called ‘Fall Frum Grace: Miss Pipi’s Blue Tale’ 2011 (figures 6,7 and 8) , a piece of work from Walker where she has taken her cut outs and brought them to life. ‘Fall Frum Grace’ presents the story of a white southern belle who has found love with a white man however the belle finds herself intrigued by a slave and happens to sleep with him as the belle can’t contain her secret she tell her beau and him and his “sidekick” go on a quest to kill the young black man. This 18 minute show combines the childlike puppetry and crude and discomforting story of sexual relations between slaves and white women again this relates to Jacqueline M Allain article as through out the screen play you can tell that the Sothern belle was seducing the slave and when her conscience met up with her she couldn’t take it. Walker says her piece is ‘trying to understand the mythology of the mythic white woman who was the excuse given to so many murders of many black men in the American South’ (Kara Walker, 2013).

Figure 6


Figure 7



Figure 8







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