This weeks word to interpret in ‘Sleep’, initially I began to think about the Seven deadly sins and sloth. During my ALevel photography I had created photographs of the sins using eyes and make up, I decided to go back and look at what I had done for sloth then.
At the time this image was very fitting for my project however I don’t want to recreate something similar, I want to think outside the box and come up with something that says sleep without using words.
My sloth A level photograph:

I decided to go with the idea of dreams and nightmares, I used the technique of light drawing to signify the dream (white) or the nightmare (red).
My contact sheet shows that I had some difficulties with the focusing and I think that may have been due to the lack of light in my setup.

Contact sheet:



Final outcomes:


Feedback from group:
Some of my peers told me they liked my sleep photographs and others told me they didn’t, the ones that said they weren’t too keen on them said it was because of the idea of nightmares. I appreciate there opinions however I personally like the idea of nightmares being portrayed in my photographs and the ones who did like the photographs suggested using different coloured lights to portray different dreams which I think I a cool idea. My tutor also advised me to crop some of the negative space as well as try playing with the lamp on the bedside table(maybe flicking it on and off could cause a cool effect within the image).



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