Self portraits

My tutor assigned us the task of creating self portraits, this is something that we visited in our first year of the course and I compared to last year I think I have changed quite a bit.
My first self portrait showed me hearing no evil, seeing no evil and speaking no evil, even though I still believe in this motto I feel that I’m coming to a point of confusion about who I am, I think this will be a main focus in my new and improved self portrait.

Last years self portrait:

selfie 1




Final photographs:


I chose this as my final image because I feel that it shows that I’m trying to be an adult (the heels and blazer) as well as the fact that I’m still trying to hold on to being a child (the doll). This image also shows a state of confusion as I’m wearing and white mask and holding a very Caribbean like dolly, I wanted to show the struggle of being Caribbean and living in a western society.
During this mini project I really started to consider basing my fmp around finding out who I am and how western society and my Caribbean roots have formed who I am and others are today.


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