Photographic essay plan

Please follow the guidelines below to ensure you include at least 5 different key images in your final edit. You must include an environmental portrait and a close-up within those 5 key images:

1. Introductory or Overall
This is known as the establishing shot.

2. Medium (distance)
Focuses on one group or activity.

3. Close-up
Zooms in on one element like a person’s hand at work or an intricate detail of a building.

4. Portrait
Always a person in his or her environmental setting or the project’s setting.

5. Interaction
People conversing or at work.

6. Signature
Summarises the situation with all the key story-telling elements in one photo; often called the decisive moment.

7. Sequence
A how-to, before and after or a series with a beginning, middle and end (the sequence gives the essay a sense of action).

8. Clincher
A closing shot that would end the story.



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