Introduction to KIAD: what’s it all about?

Course content, assessment guidelines and reading lists

Reflective Research Journals (RRJs) and the Assessment for this unit

What is plagiarism and how to avoid it?

In this lecture our tutor ran through what will be required of us from the contextual module. I learnt that this year everything is going to be put up on this blog and that also includes posts about my Final Major Project and Work Based Learning modules. This year we are expected to critiques an exhibition, we have to look at the overall content and framework within the exhibition like its curation, intent for audience and how successful it was in achieve its artistic aims.

Possible frameworks for our critical analysis could be: 

  • Feminism
  • Class and ideas of race(ism)
  • Historical
  • Symbolism (semiotics or art history)
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity

At this stage I haven’t got any ideas of what kind of exhibition I want to critique but hopefully with some research on what exhibitions are on and past exhibitions I’ve been to I can pick one to critique for my essay.


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