9th of October 2013

In my first seminar about work based learning really made things hit home!!!

the idea of having to get in contact with people within photography for work experience and the chance of getting rejected completely puts me off.

luckily in this seminar we just we over what the module consists of, we began by looking into a competition about designing a bin. i still don’t know if id like some of my photography on a bin but hey it isn’t my choice.

The competion is being held by Barbantia, the brief was to use our creative medium to design a bin for the company,

Our tutor assigned us groups and we had to research different aspects of the comp such as its envolvment with social media, techniqual requirements, judges participating and a few others that i cant remember.

my group was incharge of reseaching the voting system and how social media helps or hinders this. In a quick descussion we mind-mapped a few ways to broadcast your entry, we came up with:

  1. social media
  2. asking tutors to mention it to their students
  3. word of moyth
  4. breo
  5. friends and family

After doing some more independent reseach I noticed that the likes that came from social media werent added to official votes which felt a bit pointless in my mind. As well as this those who wanted to officially vote had to register on the Barbantia website which hindered the voting process because it longed everything out.


Me and my group decided to select 2 good and 2 bad designs from our mediums to look at and comment on, after doing this research we put them all together to present them to the rest of our peers.

Bad bin Good bins




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